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Everyone deserves a second chance to improve their life.

portrait_03The Akollo Foundation provides consistent and continuous support, help and direction for inmates and reformed offenders who are committed to making positive changes to their lives. We believe that we all make mistakes and pay for them in different ways. We believe that we all deserve a second chance to improve their lives.

We engage in activities that assist inmates' development and offenders' reformation progress, while providing ongoing support to the prison service. We do not receive government or lottery funding for the work we do, we rely on the generosity of our supporters and campaign partners.

I founded The Akollo Foundation after years of working with reformed offenders and inmates across the globe and witnessing the difficulties and rejection that such people often face after serving their time. I also underestimated the greater risk of HIV and AIDS in prisons and realised the insufficient resources available to help treat inmates with these conditions.

I wanted to bring much needed support and treatment to those who needed it, so I began by befriending for 6 years. My time visiting and working with prisons around the world opened my eyes to those who really need support to change and rarely receive it. Read more about my work and why I founded The Akollo Foundation here.

I welcome you to our website. I hope you find the information on here useful, or inspiring or educational. We aim to reach out to inmates, reformed offenders, organisations, charities and other associations who have an interest in helping former inmates in their reformation journeys. If you are inspired by our work and could help by supporting us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Your support is very much needed and appreciated. Please help us offer the strength to make positive changes to those who need it. Together we can change lives.

Thank you.

Stella Shyanguya 

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