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Your donations will help us change lives.

Most of us, at some in our lives, have experienced how it feels to make wrong decisions.

We’ve learned how to manage the consequences of our decisions, finding ways to learn from our mistakes, change outcomes and move on with our lives. Most important in this process is our own strength and desire to change, plus the support of a positive social network. That is, people around you who support and accept your career, financial, marital and social choices.

Many social influences contribute to our decisions and choices, not just the support of family and friends. For example if you need a loan, you must apply to a bank manager, to find a new home you need a good estate agent, to find a new job, you seek employers to promote yourself to, and to learn new skills you apply to a local college. These external influences are difficult to depend on if they are unlikely to accept that you’ve learned from your previous wrong decisions.

What if some of the influences you were aware of hadn’t have been so supportive and positive?
Would you still be where you are today?

At Akollo, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We are not born bad people. In taking responsibility for our actions and dealing with the consequences we learn our greatest lessons. We realise that not everyone can move on so easily. They may need our help to address the prejudice and discrimination of external social influences.

We provide ongoing support, guidance and information to reformed offenders, who are rebuilding the strength and confidence to make better paths for them and their families. Many reformed offenders struggle to move on even after serving their time due to the level of discrimination having a ‘criminal record’ brings. The Akollo Foundation works as a support network helping reformed offenders to get back on their feet. We apply to local employers and community groups to offer reformed offenders the chance to rebuild their lives with their families safely and without discrimination.

We appeal to companies and organisations that can help us make a difference for someone who has dealt with the consequences and learned from their previous bad decisions to move on with their lives. Your donations will help us change lives.

Where your money goes

  • Training materials and courses for volunteers
  • Befriending programmes
  • Helplines for reformed offenders to contact when they need extra support
  • Mentoring life plans for reformed offenders
  • Contributing to travel arrangements for families of inmates wanting to rebuild their future together
  • Treatments for inmates who need ongoing treatment for HIV
  • Support for families of inmates with HIV or AIDS

How donating benefits your business

Give a reformed offender a reason to trust you and rebuild theirs in return.

There are many reasons why supporting a charity like The Akollo Foundation will be good for your business.

  • Tax incentives
  • Corporate responsibility at a local level
  • Help rebuild trust and employee commitment
  • Avoid discrimination
  • Increase networking opportunities
  • We will supply CV's for any vacancies you may have
  • We will provide interview support for any applicants we may send you 

Ongoing commitment to The Akollo Foundation

After serving time reformed offenders have new skills, new attitudes and a new life to rebuild. They need your support. Offering ongoing commitment to help change the lives of others is a wonderful way to help support your local community.

There are many ways you can support The Akollo Foundation, including:

  • Becoming an Akollo volunteet
  • Joining our befriending scheme
  • Offering regular donations
  • Providing local jobs for reformed offenders
  • Writing articles for our newsletter

Help us find strength and unity to offer ongoing encouragement and development to your local community.

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